Gospel Connection.    Ministries.





 Mission.     ( Home in Denmark.) 

1.    Building strong relationsships.

2.    Travel around to Churches , where there are open dor`s.





 Mission.     ( International. )

 1.     Building strongs relationsships.

 2.    Travel around to Churches , where there are open dor`s.

 3.    Uganda.        ( have a invitation again in August for 2 week`s.)

 4.    Rwanda.       (  Have a invitation from Kigali on my office.)

 5.    India.            ( Have a invitation from there on my office.)





Our Goal.

Not only teach and equip God`s people , but go longer out and reach the lost and the prodigal.

Like to go small places , where we can make a difference every day.

Where we can reach out and create a new future for unbeliever`s.

Where we can create hope for a new future , give relief for a new day in victory in Jesus.

See people come out of captivity , see people with no hope for tomorrow and see people be transformed by Jesus Christ.

See people rescued from divorce. See people break every chain. 

Sett the captive free in the name of Jesus.

We longing to see people seeing their dream`s come true.

We longing to breaking new ground.

Gospel-Connection will and shall be a messenger , every places were we go.